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Cosmid is not a huge company, just a few people that love real, amazing busty women. Most of the girls are not models, they are students, bankers, waitresses, assistants, real estate agents, bartenders, hostesses. Maybe the occasional part time actress or dancer. Most get topless, some get completely naked, and some never even take off their underwear, but they are all very sexy, sensual women. Pictures | Videos
My god is this girl sexy. This is what this girl showed up to the shoot in and I just had to take some pictures of her in it. Some of my neighbors were out front when she showed up and I think that I saw a few of their jaws hit the ground when she was bending over to get her luggage out of the car.. that is some pretty fun stuff.. Hope you like her, because I know that I loved her.
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Meet Amber. She was a lot of fun to shoot although I must admit when she first got here see seemed to be a very "serious" girl.

Meet Amber. She was a lot of fun to shoot although I must admit when she first got here see seemed to be a very "serious" girl.

This girl claims that she is a 32D and wears a bra that size.. then when I saw them I said,"you're not a 32D" her boobs were busting out of her bras.

Dayna was a lot of fun to shoot and is a very sexual girl which is something that we really like here at Cosmid

Deborah is in school to become a nurse, and does some bartending during the day to make ends meet.

Seriously round rump that she has for a butt, not to mention her nice D boobs

This is a great set of Erica on the bed if I do say so myself

Eva is a student at a local college and was excited to turn 18 so that she could finally show off those big boobs of hers

She is pretty and sexy and insanely hot all wrapped up into one little package

She is such an understated girl, and really loves to be naked, you will here her talk about that in her videos

To this day I think that Lucinda may still be one of the hottest girls that I have ever shot

Morgan has unlimited energy and was just boucing around all over the place with her cute little glasses, cute little smile and huge bouncing boobs.

18 years old... big, round and just perfect

TJ is a Native American with this really small frame, can't be over 100 pounds, but then she has these amazing DD boobs
Cosmid does not provide a wardrobe, make-up artitst, stylist or airbrushing so you can see exactly what our girls looks like. Like one of our long time members said, "flaws are sexy..." Also, we don't trash our out-takes...if her eyes are shut, making a stupid face or falling over, you are going to see it.

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